Well, suppose you have 10 lakh rupees and you want to invest it in one of the sectors. 100 opportunities in front of you means there are 100 innovative companies where you can invest. So which one will you invest in? Do you see that?

Surely you don’t have to sit with 100 companies for 100 days and discuss all day long? Rather you would like to see the original plan of each company in summary form. This clear summary is the startup-pitch.


Notable issues of startup-pieces :


1. Startup – You will have 5-6 minutes for the presentation of the pitch. The first 2-3 minutes are important. This is because the investor’s mind is initially set up to see if they are interested.

2. The business plan needs to be presented to the point in a nutshell. It can be a story or a strategic data.

Startup Failed

3. The more clear and tidy the startup-pitch is, the more interesting it will be.

4. What is the startup problem? What is the solution? Who are the target customers? My solution is how will the target market influence? How to generate revenue along with social development? The answers to these questions will be in the presentation of a This pitch.

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5. The startup business plan will be timely. Based on the current social context, but it must have a link to future possibilities. As today’s investment can generate revenue in the future through solutions.

6. A startup business model will give a clear solution to everything. 2 + 2 = 4. Just as there can be no variable from 4, there can be no ‘if / but’ in this strategy.

7. Problems, solutions and planning of revenue must be realistic. Nothing exaggerated can happen.

8. It is important to be confident with the This plan. Because if I am an investor, I will try to understand how positive the person I am investing in is with his idea.

In short, the presentation of my startup-pitch will be such that even if I have finished talking, I or my idea will remain in the head of the investor and the investor will think that this is the best company for investment.


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