Startup Business planning

When investors are interested in a startup after seeing the startup pitch and think that investing in this company has the potential to generate good revenue, they will want to know the details plan of that business. So a startup business needs a planned plan that will highlight the revenue as well as the development of the society.Startup Business planning But the plan must be realistic.

We need a lot of plannings before doing business.Startup Business planning It is impossible to do business without planning. It has more to do with loss and gain. And for such a business (start-up), of course, a specific plan is required. So of course such a business needs a good plan beforehand. Startup is an advanced business of the present time. Where it is possible to get good capital in exchange for your time.

A business plan / business model can be created based on a business outlet by highlighting the most important aspects of the start-up business.

Such as —

1. Executive Summary-

Problems, Solutions and Revenues. A brief description from the problem to the revenue generator.


2. Company Description —

A description of whether the startup company is solely owned or jointly operated.


3. Product / Service-

Description of what is the main startup product / service.

Business Planning

4. Market Analysis —

A description of the demand in the market, and its alternatives.


5. Customer-

Who are the target customers and why will they take this product / service?


6. Competition –

Who are the current competitors, and who could be in the future, and why should I be different from them?

Startup Failed

7. Marketing –

What will be my policy for product promotion, and increasing acceptance?


8. Operation-

Details of all productions related plans.

Startup Business planning

9. Management –

Details of those who will be involved in the company from production to marketing.


10. Financing –

Details of production cost, product actual price, profit, etc.

A startup business model can be built based on the above key points.

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