This modern world has come closer to us. Everything old has changed. YouTube was a big part of our daily life. Because many people spend their leisure time watching videos on YouTube. YouTube is currently the largest video watching platform in the world. Because there are millions of content creators.

However, over time, the world’s largest communication medium Facebook has been updated. Now Facebook has provided huge opportunities for communication as well as video content creators.

Now people have a good time watching videos on YouTube as well as Facebook. Facebook itself has given this opportunity of video content to Facebook. Facebook introduced monetization a few years ago.Through which many content creators get the opportunity to earn income by publishing videos on Facebook like YouTube. Due to which there is a huge video collection on Facebook now.

Often we like a lot of videos on Facebook. We want to download it and put it on our phone. However, many times you have to read how to download videos from Facebook.

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Facebook video Download

How to download videos from Facebook?

This is a very simple way to download any video from Facebook. Not only Facebook, but also YouTube, TikTok and many other media can download videos through this one app.The name of the app is Snaptube.

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Snaptube Video

How to download from Snaptube?

First we need to download the Snaptube app.If you go to Google and search by typing snaptube, one will come first.Then you have to download the app from there. Once downloaded, you need to install the app.Now copy the video link to download any video.Then open the installed snaptube. Paste the video link in the URL box at the top of Snaptube. Then any one specific to the video Save the quality and click on the download text.

Snaptube Apk

The advantage of this app is,

Fast downloading
The quality is good
Don’t hang up.

This way you can easily download any video from Facebook.