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At the present time it is like a golden deer. Job could not be seen after finishing his studies.Unemployment rate in Bangladesh is increasing day by day after completing degree, honors and masters.Although the rate of education has increased in our country, the benefits or guarantees of work are not increasing. Due to which millions of educated students are unemployed.

Where to find a job

In the past, I had to run to many companies to find a job.But now times have changed.Now it is possible to find a job sitting at home. Only if you have an internet connection.Today we will show you some of the job related sites in Bangladesh, from where you can find the job you want.These sites have many jobs in every district of the country from where you can find a job according to your experience

bd job

Mybdjob-bd job

A great platform for a job in bd job. There are thousands of jobs here. Jobs are available in every department of Bangladesh starting from Dhaka.You can easily find a job from here according to your educational and work experience.Jobs of many good level companies, private, institutions are available here.Open an account for yourself. Then submit all your CVs. Apply to the job of your choice.There are several advantages here. E.g.,

  • Opportunity to submit CV.
  • Video Resume
  • Interview via online video submission
  • Quite a good advantage for girls.

bd job kormo

Kormo Jobs-bd job

This is a job app. There are many jobs here too. This app made with job in the context of bd job has caused quite a stir.There are so many jobs available here. So you can find a job from here if you want.

bd job careerjet


This is one of the job sites. There is also huge job news here. If you want from here, you can easily sell your favorite job sitting at home.

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This way you can easily find a job at home if you want. As there is a lot of job competition in Bangladesh at present. It is difficult to get a job if there is no reference on it.And here you can easily sell your job through the internet.

Earn money from ONLINE

Note : Of course you have to open a job account.