Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

SEO is a comprehensive method that uses the internal parameters of search engines to determine the position of a website or one of its pages in search engine results pages.
Before you know what search engine optimization is, you need to know about search engines and search results.

Search Engine –

Search engines are the means of finding any information from the web. Popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Dak Dak go etc. Information from billions of websites spread across the web is indexed by search engines in a hierarchical way.
When a person searches the web for a specific topic, the search engine selects the best websites from that list and displays the best results.

Search Results –

You did a Google search for “Hindi Blog” and Google responded by showing you a list of many websites.
This is the search result. Naturally, you will try to find your answer from the lists at the top of the search results page displayed by Google.

There is no substitute for search engine optimization if you want to put your website at the top of this list. Through which your writings will be at the forefront of Google.
Basically search engine optimization is on page and off page, but there is another thing that is known as technical SEO. The main topic of today’s post is on page SEO.

search engine optimization

How many types of search engine optimization-

I know what search engine optimization is. Let’s take a look at how many types of SEO and what are they?
There are two types of SEO : on-page SEO and off-page SEO.
But the importance of technical SEO is much more to make a site SEO useful. It carries a lot more important
So, we will divide SEO into three parts.

On page SEO
Off page SEO
Technical SEO

Seo Bangla

On Page SEO:

There are On page SEO is the process used to make a website or web page suitable for search engines.

On page SEO is basically the work inside the website. On page SEO is one of the methods used to build to search engine optimization. Which is very useful.

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Steps of On Page SEO: —

This process is done inside all the websites.

The most important things to consider in On Page SEO are as follows:

1. Keywords
2. URL
3. Meta description
4. Internal / External links
5. Alt tag
6. Article / Content
7. Use of H tags
8. Readability

On page seo
Off page SEO: —

Off-page SEO is the process of increasing site traffic by working outside your own website. In a word, off page SEO is a site promotion or marketing strategy.
But of course it acts as a ranking factor. It is possible to get a good ranking of the site by making full use of it.

search engine optimization

Importance of off page SEO: —

So off page SEO is a very important and long-term process regarding search engine optimization. Off page SEO is done from outside your site’s control panel and search engine.
Sharing links at your own site on a popular site, bookmarking on social media, directory submission, email marketing, etc. fall under off-page SEO.
Creating backlinks and collecting referrals is one of the tasks. The stronger the referrer, the better the ranking.
Off-page SEO is not about any specific page but the whole blog or website. So if you can do off-page SEO in a specific way, you will definitely get the desired results.


How to do off page SEO: —

  • Here are the key points for off page SEO:

1. Creating backlinks
2. Q / A forum posting
3. Social media engagement
4. Directory Submission
5. Email marketing

Technical SEO:

Since the whole SEO process revolves around a website, its importance is of course much higher.
Before ranking a site, search engines first look at the load the time of the site.

That means the site is fully loaded in just how long.
If the load time is too much then the search engine will look at the site in a negative way. The effect of which falls on the ranking of the site.

So in the case of SEO, the importance of technical SEO is not less in any part. But if you look at technical SEO, it is possible to build a site as SEO friendly from the beginning.
There are also some more important factors in technical SEO, which affect the ranking. If these are accepted, let’s find out if the site can improve.

Seo optimization

Importance of technical SEO: —

All the activities of SEO are done centering on a website. So a website is essential for starting SEO.

If you have a website in hand, then it will be possible to start the work of on page SEO or off page SEO.
Tech how to create a website with WordPress.

Moreover, in the case of SEO, some technical aspects of the website have a direct impact.

Site structure, design, page load, spread time, mobile usability are all very important issues for SEO.

Because no one can do SEO on any website if they want to, the whole site has to be SEO friendly.

First, you have to make every aspect of the site suitable for SEO and then you have to apply the next steps of SEO.

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Factors of Technical SEO: —

Let’s take a look at the main considerations of technical SEO
1. Site structure and design
2. Page load spread time
3. Mobile usability
4. Sitemap and robot text
5. SSL certificate
6. Broken link fix
7. Keep crawl error free
8. 404 (Page Not Fund) Error Fix

With these few things in mind, if you do website development work, it is expected that the site will be considered SEO friendly.

It is possible to organize a site more if you can maintain these issues. Through which the site can be easily ranked by SEO. In this way it is possible to make good income by generating traffic.