android tips and tricks 2020

The number of Android users is innumerable.a lots of people search about android tips and tricks. It is increasing day by day. Due to which the mobile companies are updating their phones. They are trying to come up with more innovation. So that users get more interest.

The two best phone companies in the world today are Apple’s iPhone and smartphone Android.Updated over time day after day. Competition is going on in a comparative way who will be ahead of whom.

However, the direction of users is ahead of Android. Since it is available in the market at lower to higher prices. On the other hand, the iPhone is not yet suitable for use by ordinary people in terms of price.

Due to which the number of Android users is increasing. At the same time the demand of users is increasing.Everybody wants new updates on their phone now. So everyone is looking for ways to make their phone more beautiful.Today we will look at some hidden tricks and tips for Android phones. Which you may not have known before.

android tips and tricks 2020

Android tips and tricks

1. Live Caption

We can easily use these tips to watch a video.Caption text can be seen without any video sound through live caption.A great tip for Android phones.To get this option you need to go to settings. Then Accessibility> Accessible> then live captions or subtitles will be written.Many phones can have many different systems.This way you can easily use these tips.

2. Android permission Manager

Android permission Manager This is one of the topics for us. Many may have seen it and many may not. But you need to know this trick. Many of us do not know where we have permission. So take a moment to look at this setting.Easily go there from Settings> Permission Manager. All permitted apps will show up here. Remove permissions from unnecessary apps.

android tips and tricks 2020

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3. Google Chrome Hidden tips

Many of us have a problem. The problem is with the storage of the phone. Unbeknownst to us, the storage of the phone becomes full. The exact cause of which remains unknown to us. We don’t think we’ve installed so many apps, but it’s full of storage.A solution to this is easily possible using Google Chrome. You go to Google Chrome, from there the site settings and then clear data.Through this you will be lacking. Looking at your phone’s storage space.
Through this you will be lacking. Looking at your phone’s storage space.

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We hope you find these tips useful. There are also several more tips. I will try to give later.