Before you get to know the computer

It is not possible to continue without a computer at present. So many people have bought computers, someone wants to buy or and this is my writing to them. Because the computer is a machine that should be checked and bought carefully. Otherwise you can cheat easily.

1. First of all, decide what you want to use on your computer. Because the parts of the computer are changed according to demand and its price, efficiency and the necessary components are fixed, it is easy to find out what components you need.

2. After determining the demand, you should consult your old computer user with a good hardware engineer or computer, and configure your computer. But do not forget to tell him what you would like to use in your budget, wishes and what to do.

3. After that, check out the company’s price for companies (of course, old and famous). Find out if the budget does not match your demanding computer. Otherwise, do not forget that some components, which do not take anymore, and budget, and if it’s like budget, it is good.

4. Next comes the company that you buy from a company, or you will be assembling by buying peripheral – that is the matter. However, when they bring the computer to the good company, their peripherals and service guarantees are available. But if they make their own assembling, they will receive guarantees on their peripherals who have bought peripherals from the vendor only.And it is possible to save some money while assembling with their lock. If the service or any problem arises, then it is completely up to you to solve it. And from where you buy the machine or the equipment you can take the guarantee given in writing.

5. Then come the purchase of the quartz episodes, at this stage, must be aware that the parts you buy are the right parts of the right vendors. Because, in the current market many other low quality even fake, old parts and vendors. And when buying parts and machines, take a guy who knows about a hardware.

6. Finally, do not be tempted to hear the sweet words of the vendors – otherwise they can cheat. Knowing after knowing, after becoming a proud computer owner, buying a computer or a piece of equipment from the right seller. And yes, whatever software you take, it should not be pirated. Another antivirus program must be taken.

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