Some tips about laptops

Laptop users have a constant concern about the durability of laptop charges. There is a need to stay busy with a laptop that does not run in a heap of work. All the laptops can not be installed on the charge, and all the power sockets can not be found here. We often face this problem with the use of laptops. What to do?

What is the key to do, the laptop’s battery will be charged for a long time, the battery will also get the longevity of its 11 functional ways giving instant notice!


A laptop is more efficient when it is relatively cold, it is not too hot. The more hot the laptop is, the more the rotating of the internal fans, the greater the cost of the battery. Use Laptop Cooler or Laptop Stand. Because the laptop is more hot due to the use of a laptop, bed, mattress or any other place where the hot wind can not pass, which is very harmful for batteries and battery charges.


If you can use the laptop’s battery open after every use. And of course, clean the laptop’s battery with a cloth every two or three months. It keeps power transfer from battery to much more efficient.


CD or DVD drive consume a lot of charge. So, instead of using a CD or DVD drive, use a laptop’s hard drive. Do not keep in CD or DVD drives without any CD or DVD work, because the charge is also Consumable.


If not needed, keep the WiFi off. You can turn off WiFi switches or WiFi settings.


“Hibernation” mode is much more effective than “standby” mode to save laptop charges. The two modes mentioned above will be able to resume the work from the laptop when it was started until it was stored. So it is best to put in “Hibernation” mode.


Do not put the external device apart from the laptop’s USB port. External device can be used to consume a lot of charge, so if you are finished, open the external device.


Running programs in the background create additional load on the CPU, which result in battery charges and a lot of expenditure. When in battery mode, shut down those background programs that are not really needed.


It is related to the number 7 Do not multitasking on the laptop when it is in battery mode, because it consumes unnecessary pressure on the CPU and charges the charge.


Laptop display, keyboard backlight more batteries are needed. Adjust your laptop’s brightness by reducing its ease, turn off the keyboard backlight (if any).


Keep the laptop out of 10-15 minutes, as well as not inserted into the bag. The battery and laptops can be very cool in the laptop.


(This is a mistake we have done a lot of times) Laptops can not be overcharged. Again the laptop battery can not be charged at all. Keep the battery in best condition and the charger cord should be removed when the charge is completed. According to “Battery University” data, charging the maximum 80% to recharge the batteries and charging 40% free of charge.


You can save the battery charge even by monitoring the battery’s battery conditions. There are many applications that show the full battery status – the battery’s current state, how current battery will support in the current brightness settings, CPU hard drive temp. You can keep battery charge for a long time by viewing the application readings or changing the settings accordingly.

Processor care:

1. Stop unnecessary programs to reduce the pressure on the processor.
2. Minimize less useful windows.
3. No work should be done during the maintenance of the hard disk and the CPU.
4. Defragadours two-three times a month.

Screen Care:

1. Avoid using a laptop in direct sunlight.
2. Keep regular screen clean. Cover if not working.
3. Use screens and keyboard protectors to protect the display of keyboards and laptops from dust.


1. Laptop CD / DVD ROM has low capacity, so always play movie / music from hard disk.
2. Keep the air vents open and keep the laptop in a place where there is easy ventilation.
3. Keep the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection off without the need.
4. Avoid malware-adware malicious software and use good quality antivirus.

Do not forget to keep the laptop in good condition ;

1. Do not put something on the keyboard’s key board, but sometimes a little unnecessary can cause the board to crash if you drop the tea, water, or anything else.

2. Someone is leaving the book or other books on the laptop, so that the display of the laptop can be damaged by the display.

3. Many of us keep using laptops on the bed or in the lap but because of this the laptop’s cooling fan is suppressed, due to which the laptop is hot and the laptop is likely to be damaged.

4. Laptop’s battery should be completed at least twice a week, and this will reduce the chances of the battery being lost.

5. Due to the loss of laptops, dust is the problem of the laptop hing or other problems in the dust inside the laptop laptop. So keep the laptop clean as much as possible, keep it away from the dust.

6. Clean the laptop completely at least once every year or clear yourself if you know yourself.

7. Delete the necessary software or other unnecessary music videos, this will increase the speed of the laptop.

8. If the laptop is hot, use a more cooling fan if needed. Even after extra heating, you can take a laptop at a service center known.

9. Keep the laptop’s recycle bin clean and keep the laptop skin in the drive and keep it in the drive. Doing so will speed up the laptop speed.

10. Laptop’s USB port portions use port port charger very carefully.

To clean the laptop’s display, you can use a glass cleaner. It can use antivirus to protect your laptop from viruses. Generally there are many antivirus software available online, but you can buy good quality antivirus CDs available between 1000 or 1200.

Many experts have experimented with various tests and said that it is best to charge again when your device’s charge ends. This makes battery performance good and life time is prolonged. However, according to some recent research results, this process is completely disrupted. It is better to complete the charge and discharge process between 40 percent and 80 percent of its chia.


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